The quality of the fit and material is top notch. Highly Recommended. -Russel Taylor
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Size down

Based on my measurements I should have been a 29. But they were huge compared to how the chinos fit. Off the recommendation from Becca, I exchanged for the 28 and these fit nicely. Hoping they wear well.

May have found a brand that works

I have always had issues with pants, fitting, my legs and hips, and then being huge around the waist. So far I am happy with the fitted, but not overly tight fit of these pants. Looking forward to seeing how they wear.

Recon Jogger
Samuel Jones
Amazing fit

Shipping is so fast got it within 48 hours of placing the order. They fit perfect on me and feel great !! High quality material


I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of jeans and my only regret was not trying these sooner! They look amazing and they’re so comfortable! Now I just need more!

Great product

Have had issues finding a good pair of jeans. Finally found my forever jeans.

Best fitting jean ever!

Found this Jean while visiting Vegas. After buying 3 pair in the store I have since ordered 3 more from Website. Staff in the store were very friendly and helped me choose the fit I needed. I have since told all my buddies. I live in Kansas and hope to have all in menofthesacredhearts jeans. 6’ tall 240pounds choose the 38/34 regfit has flex in the waist with tapered leg..perfect fit.

Contour Jogger
Mollie Roque
Comfortable and Stylish

I received a pair of these in a subscription box a few years ago. I loved them. I think they look so good and I feel like I can wear them out and still look nice. When I was looking for another pair of joggers, I tried a few other brands, but ultimately came back to this style and ordered it in another color. I love this style so much!

Havok Polo
William O'Neill
Flattering and comfortable

Love your shirt. I am an older guy, work out a lot, in very good shape for my age. But note, for my age. I find the shirt (and all your clothes) flattering, showsoff the physique, but I don’t feel like I’m trying to look like a 20 year old bodybuilder. Keep up the good work

Athletic Fit Chino Pant
Jared Thompson
Great So Far

Love the quality of the materials and the fit, especially for a guy with big legs and butt. If I have one complaint it's the length. I get that it's easier to make them all as one length, but then there's an additional charge to have them hemmed to fit and a week before you can even wear them. Will probably buy more because I like them, but it is peculiar.

Great fitting Jean size in fit.

I love that I can loose or gain weight and they expand without having to buy new ones.

Great shorts!

Great look, great fit! Love the back pocket, and love the zippers for all pockets. I'm 6'2, 185, with a lean , athletic build, and the mediums fit perfectly. Not only a great workout short, but would also do well for a casual summer look, or a hot round of golf. I'm in!

Great jeans!

Super comfortable, great fit. I'm about a 31 waist in most brands' jeans, when worn just below the waist (32's would fit my thighs perfectly, but be way too roomy toward the waist; 30's I could never get over my thighs), and I went with a 30 in the menofthesacredhearts bootcut athletic fit. I do need a belt with them , but they otherwise look, fit, and feel great. (And I'm a belt guy anyway!) For reference, I'm 6'2, 185, with a lean, athletic build (and big feet!—which the subtle but sufficient bootcut is perfect for!). So much more comfort and freedom of movement for day-to-day moving and bending and twisting, etc. You can be an athlete in these. I'm a fan!

Best fit!

I highly recommend these jeans! Great fit and great quality. Love the denim color too!!

Best jeans!

I absolutely love them! I can finally bend over, squat, and fully move to play with the kids!!!! Very soft material!

Core Tee
Scott Roberts
Great workout shirt

This is the perfect workout shirt- fits well in all the right places, and hides the bit of dad bod I’m working on getting rid of. Fantastic product.

Comfortable and great fit. 3rd pair

Maverick Short
Drew Andrews


Recover Jogger
Joshua K
Great for relaxing around the house

I bought a few pairs recently for days I am working from home, and weekends. They are very comfortable and fit well.

Looks great! Feels great! Holds up well!

First, the front pockets are actually large to comfortably hold all the things I carry with me and big enough to easily fit my hands in, which is outstanding!

The quality and style are legit. I’ve been looking for good jeans everywhere, but they all either are way too tight in the thigh and restrictive or they don’t hold up well.

Comfortable and versatile!

They hold up really well to being washed in our crappy hard water, you have total freedom of movement, while being able to stuff items of nearly any size in your pockets!!!

Grizzly Tee
Jack Rodriguez

I’ve bought two t-shirts and a polo so far and they have fit better than any other shirt ever has. I will be buying more soon!

Great shirts!

Fabric, fit and pattern were all top notch!


Very happy with these

Phantom Short
Timothy Kershaw
Great shorts

These shorts are my go to shorts for anything now. The pockets and zippers are able to handle everything in my pockets, even while under harsh circumstances.